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 School Sports Premium Grant

 Provision for 2017/18 academic year

To enable the sports premium grant to have the most impact on sport across the school, we have bought in to the Shepway Sports Trust Competition Package, which gives us access to the Shepway School Games Partnership. This enables the school to take part in more competitions and activities against schools from across Shepway. In addition to the competitions, each class will receive 5 sports activities throughout the year, delivered by specialists. Our staff will receive 12 hours team teaching with a specialist to develop CPD as well as extra PE support in staff meetings from the PE leader throughout the year. The package also includes 2 lunch time sports sessions (delivered by specialists) to promote active lifestyles, playmakers training for KS2 pupils, 3 six week blocks of sport clubs for 90 KS2 children to take part in.

In addition to this, we will be allocating a percentage of the sports grant to maintaining and improving our PE resources & ensuring that there are sufficient planning resources to deliver effective PE lessons.

Transport to local competitions and events will continue to take a percentage of the sports premium grant, which will enable more children to access extra-curricular sports across the district.

We will continue to access the Golden Mile daily run to promote healthy lifestyles to all children from Y1-Y6 and use the online database to record the number of miles run by each child throughout the school year.

Participation in sport will be recorded and assessed each term throughout the year (3 times per year) using the school sports tracking system.

The sports premium grant allocation for the 2017-18 academic year is £17,760.

The funding should have an impact on the following:

What we aim to achieve


Improve quality of teaching and learning in PE.

Enable PE to become more inclusive.

  • Membership of Shepway Sports Trust competition package (includes coaching, CPD & access to 70+ Shepway School Games competitions).
  • PE Leader to deliver PE specific staff meetings every term to develop and share good practice.
  • Purchase new equipment and maintain current equipment to allow access to a wide range of sporting activities.
  • Curricular & Extra Curricular PE will be closely monitored by PE leader & SLT.
  • PE Leader to attend subject leader meetings with the Shepway Sports Trust/ School Games Partnership.
  • CPD – Allocate funding to local club coaches to allow teachers to teach alongside coaches and develop their understanding of specific sports (hockey, basketball, tag rugby, athletics etc).
  • New PE curriculum to include a range of sports, allowing children to be exposed to both new and established sports (handball, pop lacrosse, tag rugby, netball).

Increase the number of extra-curricular sport activities.

  • Sports funding used to fund FLOW – after school football club (50 children), football teams (20 children) & lunch time multi sports (all children from Y1-Y6).
  • Sports funding used to purchase after school club coaching from Shepway Sports Trust using specialist coaches.
  • Participants monitored using school tracker system to ensure that different children access the clubs throughout the year.
  • PE leader will continue to run Intra-school competitions each week during lunchtimes for Y2-Y6 children, covering 6-7 sports in the academic year.
  • PE leader to run termly sports challenges for all children to take part in – prizes as incentives/ rewards.

Increase attendance at local sporting events.

  • Membership of the Shepway Sports Trust competition package will  enable the school to access competitions for all year groups from EYFS – Y6 throughout the year.
  • New PE curriculum will lead to increased participation in local sporting events (knowledge & experience of the sports)
  • Recognise and reward the achievements of children’s participation and success in sporting activities outside of school in celebration assemblies & on PE display boards.

Increase activity levels amongst children during the school day.

  • Golden Mile daily run will continue each day for Y1-Y6 children. This will be monitored and recorded using the online tracking system. Teachers & TAs to run around with the children each day to encourage participation.
  • Y5 & Y6 Play Leaders to lead playground games during lunch times. Play Leaders to support PE Leader to deliver intra-school competitions throughout the year.

Recognition & Accreditation for sport.

  • PE leader will use the Sainsburys School Games success criteria to aim for Gold kitemark in 2017-18 for 3rd year running.

All children to be confident swimmers by the end of KS2.

Children able to swim 25m confidently by the end of KS2.

  • All classes from Y3-Y6 to participate in swimming lessons for 1 term throughout the year.
  • Funding for confident & able swimmers to take part in ‘life saving’ skills as part of their swimming lessons.

 Full details of the Shepway Sports Trust timetable can be found here


Funding allocation for 2016-2017 academic year:

Shepway Sports Trust Competition Package


FLOW (after school football, lunch time multi sports & football team)


Extra-Curricular Sports Clubs Coaches (tag rugby, athletics & gymnastics) – Shepway Sports Trust


Club coaches to work alongside teachers  - hockey


Transport to local sporting events – + 20% discount from crosskeys

Ap  £1500

PE Equipment & Planning Resources


Prizes for participation (medals, trophies, balls)




Next year –

Shepway Sports Trust Package

FLOW football

Equipment & Maintenance




SST After school clubs - £175 for 6 weeks.




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