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Based in our Crocodile Room, there may also be opportunity for children to use the ICT suite and outside facilities (when the weather permits).  There are always activities for the children to do during the afternoon. 

The provision starts immediately after school, and is open until 17:30.  There will always be a minimum of two staff members per day – numbers will be limited if necessary, so booking is essential.

Booking and payment in advance are compulsory – these can both be completed via the school office. 

Cost tariff

15:10–16:10 - £2:50 – refreshments include drink and a piece of fruit (2nd/3rd child = £2:00)

15:10–17:10 - £5:00 – drinks with sandwiches/crumpets/yoghurt/jelly (2nd/3rd child = £4:00)

15:10–17:30 - £6:00 - drinks with sandwiches/crumpets/yoghurt/jelly (2nd/3rd child = £4:80)

(Discount of 20% for the second child in the family)

(Collection part way through a booked session will be charged as the whole session)

The Crocodile Club adheres to the high expectations that we have for behaviour and conduct, and all children will be expected to meet these expectations, just as they do during school hours.

If you would like to sign your child or children up to join our ‘after-school care’ then please complete the attached form, alternatively phone or email the school office.

Remember, please book in advance to secure your place.

Please read attached letter and book form for Term 1 Sept 17

Our Breakfast Club is open to all pupils each day in the library, using the cooking room facilities as the kitchen.

To book a place you need to let school office know the day before you wish your child to attend, so that we can ensure that we have appropriate staffing levels. Breakfast is served from 07.45 - 08.15

A variety of cereals, fresh fruit, fromage frais and toast with a choice of spreads are available daily.

Cost including breakfast

From 07.45am to 08.35am   £2.50

From 08.00am to 08.35am   £2.00

Cost without breakfast

From 08.15am t0 08.35am   £1.00    

After breakfast we have access to a variety of board games, art equipment, books, occasional access to the ICT suite, puzzles and construction toys; there is always plenty to do!

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