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At the end of December we took our super dance club members to Pent Valley School to compete in a dance competition against 8 other schools.

The girls composed a winter/ Christmas themed dance with Mrs Goodburn and Mrs Andrews over the term and then performed it to the judges at PV.

photo 1 photo 2 1

photo 3 1

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Our team performed superbly and overcame many barriers along the way such as the music failing to play!

Well done to Tia, Jenna, Charlotte, Connie, Mia, Paige & Roxie for your performance!

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This week (January 15th) we took 2 teams of Year 4/5/6 children to the Marsh Academy to compete in the Shepway Pop Lacrosse Tournament against other Marsh schools.

The teams have been working hard to learn this new sport, giving up their lunchtimes to practice the skills and applying them to attack & defence situations.

Both teams played extremely well against the 3 other teams in the tournament with Dymchurch 1 & Dymchurch 2 leading on points until the final head-to-head game.

DSC07467 DSC07491

DSC07501 DSC07512

Dymchurch 1 & 2 displayed fantastic teamwork and effort in the final game leading them to take
1st & 2nd Place in the tournament!
This means that our 1st place team have made it through to the Kent County Finals!

Congratulations to Thomas, Freddie, Max P, Ben, Billy, Max F, Megan, Ellie B, Amelia, Blakeney, Andy, Max C, Rhys & Jack R-M.

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** Thank you to parents for transporting children to the tournament!**

After 16 fantastic hockey matches, we have finally reached the final week of the inter-house hockey tournament.

The Year 2/3 teams played their final matches, which were crucial in deciding the positions of each team.

Hever were on fine form yet again, passing and shooting accurately to beat a hard-working Leeds team 4-0.

Dover worked hard to fight for the crucial points for 2nd/3rd place but were beaten by the quick footwork of the Lympne team who won 2-0.

Dover Vs Lympne

0 - 2

Leeds Vs Hever

0 - 4

The children have worked so hard throughout the tournament and have developed their hockey/invasion games skills greatly through taking part - well done to everyone who has taken part!


1st Place - Hever

2nd Place - Lympne

3rd Place - Dover

4th Place - Leeds

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Another busy week of sport for Dymchurch!

This week we took two Year 1/2 teams of children to the 'Hub Week Multi Sports Festival' at the Marsh Academy to compete in a range of different sporting activities which tested agility, speed, coordination, balance and aiming against 6 other teams/schools.

The teams had to work together to earn points and were set targets to beat their own scores throughout the competition.
Some of the activities the children took part in were:

  • Handball shooting, golf chipping, quick-step hurdles, surfboard agility, long jump, egg and spoon relay, hurdles relay, volleyball & speed stacking.

We also had a personal victory for one of the children with Louis achieving the furthest jump in the competition
of over 140cm!
Our two teams worked hard and came in 1st and 5th place out of 8 teams!

Congratulations to Sophia, Dylan, Annabel, Abigail, Sophie, Aiden-James, Emma, Halime, Nathan, Daniel, Jodie, Kai, Ruby, Declan, Lisa, Bailee, Thomas, Joshua, Louis and Will!

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This week (2nd Dec) 3 of our football teams took to the school field to take part in a friendly football tournament against Palmarsh Primary.

First up was the Year 5/6 girls team. They have only been working as a team for a week and played brilliantly, winning the game 3-1!
The team worked hard to intercept the ball and drove it up the field to score 3 goals - congratulations girls!

Second to play was our Year 3/4 boys team who worked very hard to find space on the pitch and had so many shots on target! They worked well passing the ball around the field but despite a fantastic effort from the boys, a shot was deflected in to our goal, leaving the boys to finish 0-1.

Finally it was the turn of the Year 5/6 boys team. They entered the game in high spirits after last weeks success and kept the spectators on their toes for the whole game. The boys worked hard to move into space and took many shots, however, they were evenly matched against the Palmarsh team and finished the game 0-0.

Well done to all the teams, you played brilliantly and did Dymchurch proud!

Well done to Macey, Gypsy, Ellie, Amelia, Faye, Megan, Boyd, Theo, Ben P, Billy H, Max F, Wyl, Max C, Josh, Thomas, Freddie, Zac, Scott, Max P, Billy P and Charlie H.

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On Thursday 27th November we took a mixed team of Year 3 and 4 children to Folkestone School for Girls to compete in a Multi-Sports competition against 10 other schools.

The teams had to take part in a multitude of different sporting activities including basketball, speed bouncing, long jump, football dribbling, agility racing, aiming and throwing at targets & space hopper racing.

Our team behaved impeccably, supported each other and showed great skill throughout the competition which led them to taking an incredible
1st place!

Not only did we take 1st place but two boys also earned personal victories from the competition.
Thomas took 1st place for the furthest jump of 183cm in long jump and Zac came 2nd place in the speed bounce out of 110 children!


Well done to Regan, Max E, Luke, Zac, Scott, Thomas, Freddie, Tyler, Jack and Max P!

*Thank you to all the adults who transported their children and supported the team*

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We are now coming in to the final weeks of our inter-house hockey tournament.
All house teams have shown great teamwork and have developed their hockey skills throughout the tournament.
Some of the Year 6 house captains have also been learning how to umpire the games which will allow them to officiate their own hockey matches in future.

This weeks results were:

Dover Vs Lympne

3 - 1

Hever Vs Leeds

2 - 1

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On Wednesday 26th November our Y4/5/6 football team travelled to Folkestone Primary Academy to take part in a tournament against 4 other teams.

The boys played 4 games against FPA A, FPA B, Mundella A & Mundella B.
They won every gamewithout conceding any goals meaning we came
1st place!

The results were:

Dymchurch Vs Mundella A     Dymchurch Vs FPA A

1 - 0                           3 - 0

Dymchurch Vs Mundella B        Dymchurch Vs FPA B

2 - 0                           1 - 0

Our team showed fantastic manners and sportsmanship as well as working brilliantly as a team.

Well done to Billy, Ben P, Max F, Drew, Zac, Wyl, Josh and Max C.


*Thank you to all the parents who transported their children and supported the team*

Over the last two weeks our KS2 6 a-side football team have been competing against 3 other schools in a football tournament at the Marsh Academy.

On Thursday the boys played the final leg of the competition and gave it their all in each of games.

We played Brookland, St.Nicholas's & Palmarsh, again putting on a fantastic performance in every match.

In both weeks of the tournament the most exciting games came against Palmarsh where we drew 3-3 last week and won 1-0 this week! The boys put in 100% effort and had all of the crowd on the edge of their seats right up until the final whistle.

The results were:

Week 1: Dymchurch Vs St Nick's Week 2: St Nick's Vs Dymchurch
0 - 0 2 - 1
Dymchurch Vs Brookland Brookland Vs Dymchurch
6 - 0 0 - 3
Dymchurch Vs Palmarsh Palmarsh Vs Dymchurch
3 - 3 0 - 1


After 2 weeks and 6 spectacular performances from the team, they took a fantastic 2nd Place in the tournament!

Well done to Billy H, Ben, Max C, Dan, Zac, Max F and Billy S.

Thank you to all of the parents who travelled to the Marsh Academy to support our fantastic team!

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