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Last term on Sunday 10th May, we had a range of children from Reception to Year 6 representing the school in the annual Round the Houses running race in Hythe.

Every child showed great spirit and were determined to cross the finish line! Well done to all of our runners, you made us very proud!

Go Team Dymchurch!

DSC07874 DSC07879

DSC07877 DSC07872

Congratulations to Bobby, Dylan, Bailee, Thomas, Sophie, Faye, Katie, Meryn, Charlie, Conner, Kevinas, Thomas, Freddie, Billy P, Ben, Billy H, Max, Ellie & Faye.

A special mention goes to Max C and Thomas who finished in the top 10 runners in their races out of 100 runners - excellent running, boys!

Last Thursday we took a team of Year 4 & Year 6 children to the Hockey Kent Qualifiers to compete against 15 other teams.

The team played fantastically well, working defensively and moving forward to attack on a regular basis! They came in 3rd place in their group and then they won their 3rd place group, putting them in 7th position overall.

Hockey Kent Qualifiers 2 Hockey Kent Qualifiers 3

Congratulations to Max, Zac, Freddie, Macey, Amelia & Blakeney for excellent teamwork, sportsmanship and showing fantastic respect to the referees & other teams.

A special mention to Freddie who was awarded a medal from the Folkestone Optimists Hockey Club for sheer effort and determination throughout the competition!

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On Monday 18th May we took our winning lacrosse team to the Kent county pop lacrosse finals in Lenham. The team played against 5 other schools who had all won their pop lacrosse district qualifiers earlier on in the year. Our team had to play at a very fast pace and scored several goals in the competition. They worked hard but were knocked out of the finals, coming in 5th place overall.

A huge congratulations to our lacrosse team who came 5th in Kent!

Lacrosse County Finals Lacrosse County Finals 2


Well done to Max, Andy, Rhys, Freddie, Thomas, Zac, Amelia & Blakeney.

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Congratulations to our Year 4/5/6 Tag Rugby teams who took part in a two week tournament at Folkestone Rugby Club. Both teams showed excellent determination with Dymchurch A & B teams scoring 88 tries over the whole tournament!

Zac and Jack also earned themselves Shepway Sports Trust t-shirts & medals from the organisers for showing fantastic skill and persistence.

Well done Team Dymchurch!

DSC07640 DSC07810 DSC07760

DSC07699 DSC07817

Congratulations to Zac, Billy, Jack, Freddie, Daniel, Lilly, Gypsy, Ellie B, Ellie O, Rhys, Owen, Jack R-M, Macey, Max C, Harry, Max P, Blakeney, Keeley and Connie.

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This week we took 3 teams of Y4/5/6 children to the Shepway Tag Rugby Festival organised by Sainsbury's School Games.

The teams played 7 games each with Dymchurch 1 making it to the semi-finals of the tournament and claiming 4th place out of 21 teams!
Every player showed excellent sportsmanship and determination throughout the tournament which resulted in fast-paced games and several (minor) injuries! The children also cheered each other on and showed wonderful team spirit both on and off the pitch. They were an absolute credit to the school.

Best tries of the tournament went to James & Keeley in Year 6 - well done!

DSC07598DSC07603 DSC07605

Congratulations to Zac, Max P, Harry, Max C, James, Aaron, Keeley, Connie, Lilly, Ellie B, Thomas, Jack K, Rhys, Owen, Daniel, Macey, Ellie O, Skye-Lilly, Charlotte, Kevinas, Freddie, Billy, Andy, Jack R-M, Theo, Zoe, Tia, Blakeney and Gypsy - you did us so proud!

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At the end of Term 5 we had another great success at the Sainsbury's School Games Multi-Skills Festival with our Year 2 children. We took 2 teams of children to the Marsh Academy to compete in a range of activities which tested and challenged their skills in agility, balance, throwing for accuracy, throwing for distance, jumping and shooting.

Both teams worked very hard together and took both 1st and 2nd place  at the festival!

Congratulations to Joshua, Daniel, Thomas, Will, Harrison, Louis, Logan, Aydin, Declan, Jin-Hui, Emma, Ruby, Abigail, Lisa, Halime, Ashley & Jasmine.

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Last week saw the start of our Inter-House Tag Rugby Tournament. Each term the children are given the chance to sign up to try a new sport and represent their house team. We have been practicing passing and moving with the ball over the last two weeks so that they felt confident to start playing matches this week.

SAM 3861SAM 3874

The current Inter-House champions, Lympne took on Hever in their first game of the tournament. Hever played well but Lympne held their defensive line and made some great runs, resulting in a 12-4 victory.

Dover played Leeds on pitch 2 which turned out to be a points-fest! Both teams played brilliantly but Dover just had the edge, winning the game 9-6.

SAM 3889SAM 3873

Next week will see the start of the Year 2 & 3 tournament with a little help from our Y6 House Captains.

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Last week we took 19 children from across Year 3,4,5 & 6 to enter into the Shepway Cross Country Competition @ Brockhill Park. The children showed great commitment in the weeks running up to the competition, running 1000 - 1600 metres during their lunchtimes and learning how to pace themselves for the real event!

Year 3 & 4 ran first with all 5 of our boys running excellent times and coming in the first 20 places. Well done to Zac who held 2nd place right until the finish line where he dropped back to 4th place. The girls also ran well with all of the girls crossing the finish line in great times! Although we just missed out on the medals (4th Place out of 8 teams), our Y3/4 boys had the fastest times and lowest scores overall meaning that they ran the best on the day!

SAM 3804SAM 3816SAM 3806

Next our Year 5 & 6 team ran the 1600m course and ran superbly with some of our children taking 4th, 7th, 13th and 16th place out of 50 competitors.

The teams all ran superb races and showed great sportsmanship at the event.

SAM 3824

Well done to Zac, Tom, Ben, Charlie, George, Carmel, Harlie, Abi, Katie, Meryn, Max C, Max F, Ben P, Boyd, Theo, Keeley, Macey, Ellie & Mia for all your efforts!

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Our Y5 & 6 Football team made the school proud yet again by putting in 3 great performances in the 2015 Herald Cup Football Tournament.

Week 1 saw the team travel to Hawkinge Primary where the boys and girls managed to hold the score to 0-0 despite tricky playing conditions. The pitch managed to get the better of us in the second half and the Hawkinge team jumped ahead. Our team held their heads high and tried their best until the final whistle but Hawkinge were on a roll and deservedly won the match. Players of the match: Billy, Dan, Macey & Ellie.

Week 2 brought Folkestone Primary Academy to our own playing field. It was windy and boggy but both teams gave it their all from start to finish. We had several attempts on goal from Dan, Wyl, Josh and Max but it was Josh's efforts that turned into the first goal for Dymchurch. Despite many amazing saves from Billy in goal, FPA scored a great goal bringing the score to a 1-1 draw. Players of the match: Josh, Billy & Theo.

Week 3: the final play off match saw Dymchurch take on Christ Church Primary on a slightly drier pitch! 5 minutes into the game and Dymchurch took the lead with a fantastic header from Josh. Both teams gave it their all yet again and Christ Church equalized in the second half. Our team had several attempts on goal but we were unable to power these through to the back of the net, leaving the score at 1-1.

SAM 3542SAM 3549SAM 3754

Well done to Billy, Macey, Ellie, Ben P, Mason, Marley, Ben T, Theo, Max C, Dan, Max F, Josh & Wyl for showing great commitment to the team and showing fantastic sportsmanship throughout the competition!

A big thank you to Mr Kemp for refereeing our home games!

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