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In June, the entire school were invited to take part in the Primary Fitness Challenge as a treat for green, silver or gold behaviour.

The inflatable took up the entire hall and was made up of 6 lanes of fitness fun! Each class had an hour to complete the course as many times as possible, with each child receiving a certificate for their effort and the top times even received medals.

The children worked hard and a few even managed to secure times in the top ten rankings on the Primary Fitness website - we even secured the fastest ever boys time in Year 5 with sub 25 seconds!

At the end of the second day, the children who have shown golden behaviour throughout the year were rewarded with Golden Tickets, which gave them an extra hour on the inflatable.

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The company were very professional and provided an excellent day of fun for all the children. Check them out at: 

Since starting the Golden Mile daily run in June 2016, our children have collectively run over 1000 miles altogether!

Year 1 are currently topping the miles chart with a whopping 278 miles in total since June 6th. Many children across the school have also just broken the 10 mile goal and have achieved their bronze awards in celebration assembly.

What an amazing achievement! 


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This term the children of Dymchurch have signed up to represent countries from Europe in their own Euro 2016 football tournament.

Each week the children from Year 2 - 6 will play another team in a bid to earn points and win the house cup.

The countries that the children are representing are: Wales, Germany, France and Italy.


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Last week we began our 'Golden Mile Daily Run' at Dymchurch. Each class puts on their PE shoes and takes to the running track on the playground. The aim is to complete as many laps of the 60m track as possible in 5 minutes so as to improve our general fitness - even the staff are taking part each day!

The children have really taken to the idea and despite the hot weather, have tried hard to complete as many laps each day as possible. 

Check back in a few weeks to see how we are getting on with the Golden Mile!

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Year 1 taking part in the Golden Mile

School Games Values

Last week we took 10 children from across Y1 & 2 who have shown a real passion for sport, to the Marsh Academy to take part in the Kent School Games Infant Agility Qualifiers.

The children took part in a range of activities where they had to use their speed, agility, aiming, power and balancing skills in order to achieve the best scores out of 9 other schools.

Our team worked incredibly hard, trying their best and always playing by the rules!

The final result saw Dymchurch take 3rd place in the competition! Well done to the whole team, who were so well behaved and a real credit to the school.


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School Games Values

At the end of May we took 2 teams to the Shepway Sports Trust Hockey leagues at the Three Hills Sports Park to compete against 16 teams.

The children worked hard to apply their hockey skills and showed good sportsmanship throughout the afternoon. We had to defend well and work hard to score goals as the standard of competition was very high!

Well done to both of our teams who finished in 5th place in each league.

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Today saw nearly 500 competitors from across Kent taking part in the annual Round the Houses races in Hythe.

The children had to work hard and run a course of 922 metres. The children all performed brilliantly and made it to the finish line to collect their medals.

Well done to Joel, Dylan, Rosie, Thomas, Conner, Faye, Adam, Thomas, Richard, Faye & Roxie!

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At the end of May we took 3 teams from across KS2 to take part in the Shepway School Games Pop Lacrosse Tournament at the Marsh Academy. The children had a great afternoon playing against each other and improving their skills throughout the afternoon. Even Miss Lloyd-Prest & Mrs Goodburn got to try it out!

Our children showed a great level of skill and sportsmanship when playing. Dymchurch 1 took 1st Place, Dymchurch 3 took 2nd Place and Dymchurch 2 took 3rd Place!

Amazing effort from all of the children (and adults) involved!

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Over the last two weeks our tag rugby teams have been working hard to attack, defend and score tries against the other Shepway teams in the Shepway Sports Trust tag rugby leagues.

They worked incredibly hard, with both teams finishing in 5th place in each league - only a few points separated 1st from 5th so it was a very tough competition!

Zac in Y5 was awarded 'Player of the Tournament' by Shepway Sports Trust, and was recognised for his hard word, skill, teamwork and determination throughout the two week league out of 90+ competitors.

Congratulations to both of our teams, we are very proud! 

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