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North and South America

Pick a country in either North or South America and create a poster that demonstrates and highlights the physical geography of that country.

Here are some physical features you could look at:

·         Weather/Climate

·         Costal Landscapes

·         Ecosystems

·         Rock landscapes

·         Natural hazards

·         Rivers and water.

Present it as a poster using features such as diagrams/pictures, arrows and boxes.

WW1 – Task One

As you know all around England we have memorials that we use to remember the brave soldiers that risked their lives for us in both World Wars. If you could re-design a War memorial, what would it look like? I would like you to sketch your ideas on a piece of paper using a sharp pencil. Remember what we learnt about shading and use your pencil in different ways. Keep it black and white.

You could produce one or lots of smaller ideas but keep it to one piece of paper.

You might want to wait until we have completed some Topic lessons before you have a go.


Our DT topic this term is Food.

For this particular section of your homework, I would like you to design some rules titled ‘Table manners’.

·         What are they?

·         What do we have to do?

·         Why?

·         When do we use them?

·         Where?

·         How should I present this?

Use these questions to create something that will inform other adults and children what table manners are, when we use them and why. What you create and how you create it is up to you. You could create a poster but try and be more creative and think outside the box.

WW1 – Task Two

For your second Topic task, I would like you to have a go at making a board game with the theme of WW1. I would like you to use the facts you learn in our Topic lessons and turn it into a game. You can make your game 3D or it can be 2D (on paper). It could even be a game using ICT.

What you use and how you use it is up to you. You might want to wait until Topic week or you could do some research youself.

Here is an example if you need some inspiration:


In Science this term, we are looking at where we came from and the process of evolution and inheritance. I would like you to create a family tree. How you do this is up to you. This can be 2D or 3D.  How much information you include is up to you. It can be just your immediate family or if you wish you could go back further. Be creative.

Here is an idea.

Free Choice

This is up to you. What excites you about the world we live in? Is there something about you and your family you would like to share? Is there an object that is special to you which you would like to talk about? You could bring something in.

You could find out about something in the news and write your own article about it.

You could produce a piece of art, make a model or sculpture.

If you are bringing something in please write a short piece of writing telling us all about it.

The possibilities are endless. Just make it different to a free choice you have brought in before.

The choice is yours!


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