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This week has been Maths week and Year 6 have taken part in a variety of mathematical tasks throughout the week.

In Topic, the children were investigating rationing, during WW2, using their knowledge of the 4 operations. They had to work out how much it would cost for a family of 4. They also had to convert into old money. 

                                                                    SAM 6609

In PE, the children were working together in teams to create numbers, symbols and number sentences. Can you tell what we are representing?

                     SAM 6742SAM 6745

SAM 6747SAM 6750

We have also been learning how to say numbers in French and put them into sentences.

                                                                  SAM 6606

As well as all of this, the children have also taken part in a Maths trail outside, Who wants to be a Mathionaire, Are you smarter than a 10 year old (against the teachers), created mazes and sang Maths songs in assembly. 


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