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Year 6 have just finished an amazing week full of lots of activities around the theme of Electricity. Here is what they got up to.

First, the children discussed and investigated what unit of measurement we use for electricity. They then matched appliances from around the home to how many watts they thought it would be.

Next, the children created some brilliant non-chronological reports on the influential scientist, Allessandro Volta (the man who discovered the battery).

After that, they discovered circuits are drawn using symbols. Before they had a go at making and drawing their own circuits, they matched real life pictures of the circuit with the definition and then the symbol. They did a great job!

                                     SAM 6539SAM 6535

Then, they moved on to conducting their own investigation into the following question, ' How will the number of batteries affect the brightness of the bulb?'. In this experiment that had the opportunity to predict, gather equipment, discuss variables (elements they would change and keep the same), design how they would record the results, complete the investigation and summarise their findings. As a class, we decided to test 5 batteries with one bulb. Ask your children to tell you what they had found out during this experiment.

Continuing on from the experiment, Year 6 gathered in the hall to demonstrate what they had found using drama. We used yellow bibs to represent bulbs and blue bibs to represent batteries. Through this, the more kinaesthetic learners were able to understand what the experiment was showing us.

                                                                             SAM 6557

At the end of the week, the class were given the opportunity to design and create an electrical scarecrow using a variety of materials. They then had a go at attaching it to a motor in the circuit. To their enjoyment, the scarecrows started spinning around. It was brilliant! From this, they then wrote some amazing instructions using structural features, imperative verbs, time words, adjectives and adverbs. Some were even using parenthesis and semi colons. 

      SAM 6583SAM 6594SAM 6602


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