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Last week it was Enterprise week. This gave Year 6 the chance to discuss and use terms like profit and loss, budgets and marketing.

The children had lots of fun creating their own theme park from scratch. First they planned their theme park using squared paper. Each square was a certain measurement and each ride had a certain area. They had to be methodical and precise with their space to ensure they didn't waste any or use too much of their 5 million budget they were given. As you can see, Year 6 used some of their previous and newly learnt mathematical vocabulary within this task. They then moved on to looking at their budget in more detail and their running costs for their theme park.  

As well as their theme parks, Year 6 also applied their business knowledge when making their Christmas crafts for the Christmas Fayre. Once made, we decided as a class what price we should cost the crafts at. we took into consideration how much it cost to buy all the resources and how much profit we would make. This week has been an excellent week where the children have applied their previous and newly learnt learning to different activities and tasks.

Here are some pictures from the week. 

Christmas 1  Christmas 2Christmas 3

Christmas 4Christmas 5Christmas 6

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