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Welcome back!

Year 6 have had an amazing start to their Year. Mrs Budd and I threw the kids straight in to their learning and they have adapted and taken on each and every challenge with ease and grace. We really admire them for this.



In Maths, we have been learning to read, write and order numbers to 10,000,000, read and write Roman Numerals and decimals. Here are some pictures of us using equipment to aid our learning.

              IMG 2087     IMG 2091 IMG 2108

                                             IMG 2111IMG 2126


In English, we have been reading the book, 'The Northern Lights'. It has been a gripping book so far and the children have really enjoyed creating newspapers on the decapitated head that was pulled out of the wooden box.


We have just completed out series of Science lessons on Evolution and Inheritance. The children have had lots of fun disussing what they have inherited from family members, writing a biography on Charles Darwin, making fossils, writing instructions for their fossils and creating a entirley new animal to suit an environment. Here are some pictures.

                           IMG 2127IMG 2130IMG 2132



To be able to help our team building skills, Year 6 had a go at making a bridge using only paper and sticky tape. They worked brilliantly together and many groups we able to create something that held a substantial weight. Well done to those groups!

                                                                        IMG 2083



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