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Roots to Food

The children got be real chefs for the morning! We made a dish from scratch, using simple but delicious ingredients.

The children made orange infused meatballs and prepped the vegetables for a chow mein, before creating a delicious stir fry!

Hopefully the children will now feel empowered to try cooking this dish at home for the family!

RootsToFood4 RootsToFood1



We have been learning about multiplication and statistics in maths.

The children have been learning which table or graph is most appropriate for different sets of data as well as collecting their own data through PE.
We also took part in a maths trail and maths/PE circuit using our multiplication, division, factors, multiples and rounding skills.

 MathsData1 MathsWeekTrail1


We have been looking at the text, Wolf Brother, and using descriptive writing to predict the next part of the story. We used drama to show the characters' emotions as well as thinking about different uses of speech.



In PE we have been learning different gymnastics skills such as: jumping, travelling, counter balancing and different types of rolls, which we will be putting in to a sequence next week. Year 5 have also been learning how to play volleyball and have been applying these skills to the Inter-House Volleyball competition.




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