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Welcome to Year 5!

Ancient Greece

In history, we have been learning about Ancient Greece and how the Greeks influenced modern society.

We learnt about the two main city states, Sparta and Athens, and the differences between the two states. We have also found out the different roles of men and women in society during ancient greek times and the difference in roles for women in Sparta and Athens.

Check back next week after our 'Greek Workshop Day' with Living History Workshops!

As part of our homework challenge, Dan, Halime, Ruby and Sam made Greek bread and honey cake as one of their courses for their Greek menu.

SAM 1870  SAM 1874 SAM 1984

The bread was delicious with dips, and the cake was very sweet!



In maths we have been learning about place value including 6 digit numbers and rounding to 100,000.

SAM 1803

SAM 1770 SAM 1789

We also used our multiplication knowledge in a PE circuit. We tallied up our points, then multiplied it by either 4, 6, 7, 8 or 9 to find the total points for that station - it was great fun!



This week we have been learning about Earth and Space - it's been out of this world!

Making a scaled model of the solar sytem using ratio, division and measuring.

SAM 1942 SAM 1925SAM 1933 

Recording shadows and angles at different times of the day.

SAM 1954

Creating phases of the moon

SAM 1969


In PE we have been learning how to play the invasion game netball. We have been practising our different passes including: bounce pass, shoulder pass and chest pass. We have also had to learn how to pivot so that we can pass the ball to our team mates.

SAM 1822 SAM 1825



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