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Make a maths game

Design and make a simple maths game to share with  up to four people. 

Focus on the four operations (+  -  x  ÷).

Some ideas to help you:

  • You could make a board game, a card game or a maze game.
  • You could include some word problems.
  • You could make it 2D or 3D.
  • Think of some board games you like to give you more ideas.

Write a book review

Write a review of a book you have read.  Include a brief description of the plot and the main characters.  Explain what you like and do not like about the book and don’t forget to say whether you would recommend the book to your friends.

Other things you could include:

  • Who would enjoy reading the book?
  • Give the book a star rating.
  • Include an illustration of your favourite scene.

Find out about Italy

We are learning about our class country and want to find out all about Italy.  Share your knowledge and fascinating facts  by choosing one of the following activities:

  • Make a poster
  • Make a fact sheet
  • Make some Italian food
  • Learn some Italian words to teach the class
  • Find a story from Italy to read to the class
  • Draw a map of Italy and label some of the main cities

Write a scary story

Are you a budding J K Rowling?  Now is your chance to write a story with a spooky twist as the nights draw in and autumn arrives.

The important things to remember:

  • Correct punctuation - remember capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks, question marks and inverted commas for direct speech.
  • Exciting vocabulary that entices the reader and makes them want to read on.
  • Take care with spelling - use the strategies you have learnt to check your spellings are correct.


Although the Romans lived in the past they left us many things to remember them by.  Produce a piece of art in the style of the Romans. 

Some ideas to help you:

  • You could make a mosaic using old magazines or coloured paper.
  • You could make a model of a Roman temple, house or some jewellery, clothing or coins.
  • You could use junk modelling or clay to make a statue of a Roman God.

Free Choice

This is your chance to share your hobbies and interests with the class.

Some ideas to help you:

  • You could make a poster
  • You could make a PowerPoint presentation
  • Your could write a poem or a rap
  • You could compose a song
  • You could present a demonstration
  • You could compile a photo album
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