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Year 1 - China

Kic Theatre

Once again, we have had the wonderful Ian come in to complete a drama workshop with Year 1. This time Year 1 learnt all about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night. They had great fun pretending to be Guy Fawkes and fireworks and making explosions using their facial expressions and body movements. They can't wait to see what Ian has up his sleeve for next time.

                                                                          Pic 5


As well as some exceptional writing, Year 1 have been investigating telling stories through role play. They all had their own mask and took on a character from the book they were learning about in class. It was brilliant to see all the children demonstarte their understanding, of the book, through this medium. We have some excellent actors in our class. 

Here are some pictures.

                                           pic 6Acting


The children in Year 1 have been working exceptionally hard with their Maths learning. They have been investigating their maths through the use of manipulatives and resources. They have been using whiteboards, counters, numricon, base 10 and  blocks. They have also been working hard on knowing their number bonds to 10 by putting them into number sentences. Here are some pictures. 

 Pic 1FinleyJakeAmelia

Some of our favourite books

IMG 4150IMG 4152IMG 4147IMG 4144

Exploring the story of Dogger through role play and drama

IMG 41601IMG 41681IMG 41711IMG 41941


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