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Year 1 - Peru

The Jolly Postman

This term, we are reading the book of "The Jolly Postman", which is a wonderful book to explore with children.  It is made up of letters to different fairytale characters, which has led to lots of brilliant work by the children.  We have written our own letters and postcards, debated the characters, settings and actions of the fairytale folk, carried out role plays, and even held a courtroom trial of Mr B.B. Wolf.  

Science Week

The children had lots of fun learning about Science during Science week.  We explored different sea creatures, made bread, went on a minibeast hunt, explored liquids and investigated ice balloons.  The children were fantastic at asking scientific questions, and at making careful observations and predictions.



Term 5 Homework grid

Please complete one task each week from the grid.  Bring it into school to share with the class.

Please continue to read each day, and to practise your spellings for spelling tests on Friday mornings.

KIC Theatre Guy Fawkes
KIC theatre
science week
The Jolly Postman
Maths - sharing and division
Wingham Wildlife Trip
Dymchurch Curriculum MapYear 1 - Peru
Full English (Reading and Writing) and Maths curriculum details can be found in the Docs tab above
Term 1 & 2Term 3 & 4Term 5 & 6
Science  Everyday Materials
 Seasonal Change
Plants Animals inc Humans (animal element)
 Animals inc Humans (human element) Seasonal Change - Recap
Geography Hot and Cold countries; North and South poles; Compass; directional language; Fieldwork around the school; Seasonal and daily weather patterns
World's continents and 5 oceans

City, town, village, factory, farm, house, port, office, harbour and show - changes over times

Beach, cliff, coast, forest, hill, mountain, sea, river, soil, valley, vegetation

History  Significant people and events - First aeroplane, man on the moon, space missions, explorers
Changes in living memory - TV, camera, transport  Significant historical events, people and places in their own locality


Stories about Jesus



Baptism of Jesus; Boy in the Temple; Calling Apostles





Leaders and teachers - Noah; Abraham; Moses; David; Esther



Special meals, Shabbat, Family, Mezuzah, Star of David


 Living a Moral Life

Stories with a moral and examples in everyday life
DT Food - washing fruit / veg, cutting soft ingredients, podding, picking hulling

Textiles - colour fabrics using fabric paint / printing

Mechanisms - sliding and lever paper mechanisms

Construction - lego, knex etc modelling

Food - Cleaning, hygiene, weiging, pouring, measuring - Taste and talk


Drawing - imaginary

3D - junk modelling

Painting - powder, experimenting with different applicators

Printing - potato, cork etc repeated patterns

Collage - papers and natural materials

Drawing - observational drawing portraits

PE  Hockey & Gymnastics

Football & Dance / Write dance

Handball / Multi skills & Gymnastics
Multi-Skills & Basketball
Athletics & Rounders/Football rounders  Athletics & Kwik Cricket / Mini Tennis
Music Singing / performing - join in with songs, singing loudly or quietly as appropriate
Appraising - use words to describe their musical experiences Composing - tap simple repeated rhythms, sing own words and phrases, percussion

 Unit 1.1

Using programmable toys

 Unit 1.2

Filming the steps of a recipe

 Unit 1.3

Illustrating an ebook

 Unit 1.4

Finding images using the web

 Unit 1.5

Producing a talking book

 Unit 1.6

Creating a card electronically

PSHE  New beginnings
 Say no to bullying
 Good to be me
Getting on and falling out
 Going for goals
 Relationship changes
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